This week’s guest is the wonderful Gunnard Doboze.

Gunnard has scored some of the most challenging type of documentary subject matter that you’re likely to come across as a composer.

Projects like:

Septem8er Tapes, about the search for Osama Bin Laden in the wake of 9/11,

Saving Face, about a plastic surgeon helping victims of acid attacks in Pakistan, and

State of Control, where two documentary filmmakers become targets of the Chinese regime.

I really wanted to interview Gunnard to find out exactly how he tackles documentaries that have such dramatic and emotional storylines - and I absolutely love how he describes his approach, which you’ll hear in the episode.

Gunnard also has some really interesting methods when it comes to his workflow, so this really is a must listen episode if you’re still trying to find your flow, and want to learn how to deeply connect with challenging subject matter.

Three things I think you’ll really takeaway from this episode include:

1. How to make your music become a character in the documentary

2. Working with non-linear timelines and the challenge of last-minute edits

3. Mixing as you go to inspire creativity in the composition process

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