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Mikael Baggström


An incredible resource bank for composers, not only in the form of amazing guides/tips/articles/podcasts, but also in inspiration that boosts your aspiration!

Marcus Manderson

Music Producer

The platform has been great. From the knowledge articles, to the YouTube videos, to the Facebook group, I have discovered a lot of information about composing and scoring.

How To Find Projects And Build Lasting Relationships As A Film Music Composer

You want to find real movies to compose music for…

…but where are they?

How do you find them?

And even if you do find an exciting project, how on earth do you actually get in touch with the person who can hire you?

I’ve heard those questions a lot. Usually followed by:

  • Everyone wants experience, but I don’t have any!
  • I’m just rubbish at meeting people and networking
  • There’s too much competition
  • I don’t think my music is right, or it’s not good enough
  • I live in the wrong place!
  • All the projects I find are rubbish