Sean Staples is here to talk about how his diverse musical and entrepreneurial background has influenced his career path as a media composer, Nashville songwriter, and staff writer.

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When you have someone as diversely skilled as Sean on the show, it’s hard to know what to focus your time on! Whether it’s Nashville songwriting, running a multinational drum & percussion company, scoring for film & TV, or working as a staff writer – Sean has done, and IS DOING it all!

As you’ll hear in the interview, he’s a huge advocate of continuous learning and practice – always finding new ways to improve his skills – both musical and technical.

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Alongside composing for film – for which his work has been recognised by the Burbank International Film Festival where he won the award for Best Original Score – Sean also does some work as a staff writer for a major composer, so I took the opportunity to dive deep into how that process works and we explore how remote composers communicate and collaborate to ensure a consistent approach to a final result.

His songwriting work and his drum & percussion business has led him to all kinds of projects, from writing for Flo Rida to working with artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and The Temptations, to name just a few.

Like I said, hugely skilled, massively diverse, and an absolutely amazing guest to have on the show. As you’ll hear, he shares his experiences so openly, and is so encouraging of new composers – in my conversations with him outside of the interview he’s constantly talking about new ways to help up and coming composers gain an insight into the professional process.



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