Oscar Fogelström is a two time Swedish Grammy winner, has had over 100 million streams on Spotify, and has worked with Academy Award nominee Lasse Hallström on Sweden’s Oscar entry, “The Hypnotist”.

Let’s hear how he got started, whether he recommends that composers also work as songwriters, his creative process, and advice on working as a film composer.

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Oscar is an absolutely wonderful example of someone who became involved in the music industry not through forcing new relationships or coldly marketing themselves to anyone who’ll listen, but from having a genuine passion for music, collaborating on as many projects and events as would come their way, until eventually the right connections started to come along at the right time.

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As you’ll hear, he has a wonderful tale of how he naturally came to work in the industry.

People Oscar has previously worked with often mention his ability to bring new stories and emotions to their projects, which we’ll explore in the episode.

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