Trailer music composer Michael Cristian, better known as “MCR”, has had his music placed in all kinds of trailers, TV shows, and commercials. 

Having pitched on over 300 projects per year, we’re going to talk about whether he’d recommend that for new composers, and what other advice he has for those getting started.

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Michael has an extensive background in music. In the late ‘70s he had a recording contract with Warner Brothers, he then went on to set up his own indie record label, before Napster made him realise where the future of music was heading and he made the jump to synchronisation.

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In our interview we talk about:

  • How developing technology has, and continues, to disrupt and change the industry – in both good and bad ways
  • The inner workings of trailer music composition, including sync fees and writer’s shares
  • How even just listening without analysis can still help you improve as a composer
  • The fundamental mixing techniques that composers need to learn

All that and more!



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