Leanna Primiani used to be a conductor working at the highest level, but then discovered a love for film composition. In today’s episode we’re going to explore the crossover between conducting and composing, and how really understanding an orchestration adds to your own voice as a composer.

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Being a conductor isn’t simply waving a stick in front of an orchestra. As you’ll hear in the episode, you can get a full doctorates in conducting. It’s all about getting inside the music, and figuring out how to bring the composer’s intention to life.

What that means for us, is that today’s episode is like a masterclass in the crossover between film score and concert. Leanna fires off tip after tip about orchestration, including her top three recommended scores for study.

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At this very moment Leanna is also on a best music Emmy run for her work on Rob Lowe’s “The Bad Seed” – Lifetime’s highest rated movie to date.

So, I feel very lucky to have had her on the show – and I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a mountain of information to learn from Leanna’s expertise.

I’ve linked to a couple of Leanna’s pieces on YouTube where you can listen to her music alongside reading the score – a fantastic opportunity to visualise what she’s talking about in the episode, so be sure to check out those links below.


Leanna’s websites: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anasialeannamusic/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/anasia5mice

SIRENS FOR ORCHESTRA: https://youtu.be/5skBtLIN6Xc

1001 for ORCHESTRA AND PRERECORDED ELECTRONICS: https://youtu.be/wm21bHdJCAs

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