Julian Guidetti’s background is mostly in music for advertising. He’s worked on countless campaigns as part of a full post-production team. Listen to this week’s episode to learn the full post-production process, and advice on how to create amazing tracks with tight deadlines.

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The world of advertising is a fascinating one. Multiple creatives work under strict deadlines and often talk via intermediaries such as music supervisors.

This makes the advertising post-production system one of the most streamlined, efficient, and consistent creative forms. But that’s certainly not to say that every project is the same though!

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My guest this week, Julian Guidetti, has worked in ad agencies for years. Because of this, you can hear in his work how versatile he’s become as a composer. It also means that he has systems in place in order to create high quality music in as little time as possible.

Listen in as he shares his insights into the post-production process, as well as ample amounts of advice for composers getting started.




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