In today’s episode Italian composer Giovanni Rotondo talks about how foreign credits don’t have the same impact as local ones, and how he’s ended up convincing Oscar winning composers to feature on his website: filmscoringtips.com

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Giovanni Rotondo is an Italian composer living in London, and if you’ve spent anytime searching for advice on film scoring, it’s likely that you’ll have stumbled across his website: filmscoringtips.com

The unique thing about this site is that it brings together music editors, film directors, composers, and all the other creatives that are involved in putting music to picture, to give you a well rounded view of the professional film scoring process. He’s even had Oscar winning composers write for the site!

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Let’s hear what Giovanni has to say about moving countries for your career, the power of making friends through networking, and how beneficial it can be to embrace working with other composers.




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