Daniel Suett was handpicked, out of thousands of people, by Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Junkie XL, Jacob Shea, Russell Emmanuel, and Steve Kofsky to be part of the Bleeding Fingers Music Team.

You might remember that a few years ago Hans Zimmer ran a competition to find a new composer for Bleeding Fingers Music. Well, Daniel is the composer that WON that contest! As a result, he’s now a full-time LA based composer.

I think a lot of people expected that whoever won that competition would end up as an assistant or apprentice. That’s far from the case. Bleeding Fingers Music threw Daniel right in as a fully fledged composer. As you’ll hear, Daniel really stepped up to this massive boost to his composition game. Testament to his skills!

Daniel has so much knowledge and so many insights to share about the process of composition. How he talks about storytelling and finding solutions really helps to re-contextualise how media composers should be thinking about their music.

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