If you recognise the name “Ben Osterhouse” that’s likely because you’ve used one of his sample libraries.

For a while they were the best kept secret of the composer world, until someone let the cat out of the bag and they became a favourite for so many people.

I had to get Ben on the show to talk about his approach to creating libraries, and I was not disappointed! We dove deep into the many considerations when it comes to developing sample libraries.

So here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. How the pursuit of learning can lead you down all kinds of unknown paths
  2. Learning scripting by STARTING with ideas and THEN finding solutions
  3. How boring technical exercises can actually inspire creativity

You’ll hear all that, and much more, including the benefits of being a solo developer and whether or not composers should create sample libraries for financial gain.

Find out more about Ben by visiting his website, and check out his sample libraries on KontaktHub.

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