Described by none other than Hans Zimmer himself as an “incredible artist”, Suad Bushnaq is an an award-winning Arab-Canadian film and concert composer who is making some serious waves in the film music world.

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I’m not really sure where to begin with the intro to this episode as we covered so many topics from practical composition techniques and equipment, to discussing what it’s like being an Arab woman composer in the film and concert music industry.

Suad even shares the amazing story of how one of her scores was recorded in Syria, during some of the heavier bombings. An absolutely incredible story, to think how determined those musicians must have been.

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Since recording the interview, the film that Suad mentions the she created during her residency has also been released, so I’ll include links to that in the show notes. 

Suad’s Links:

The Borrowed Dress : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsEmXt3AolY

A Very Important Appointment : https://vimeo.com/341647271

Website : www.suadbushnaq.com

Audio Reel : www.soundcloud.com/suadbushnaq

Credits : IMDb

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