From working as a staff piano player at Disney, and session musician for Mike Post, to scoring some of the most iconic movies, and now writing and directing his own documentaries, Stephen Edwards truly has some fascinating stories to share.

Let me introduce Stephen by listing just a few of the films he’s scored that you might have seen:

  • Point Blank, 
  • True Vengeance, 
  • Bloodsport 2 & 3, 
  • The Patriot, 
  • Never Look Back, 
  • Undisputed 2…

…the list goes on and on!

And those are only some of the action films that he’s scored. 

If you take into account other genres, and films he’s had tracks featured on, or has worked as an arranger or a performer on, the list is almost endless!

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Stephen is the first American composer to be invited to have his music performed at the Musica E Arte Sacra festival in Vatican City. That was for his choral work Requiem For My Mother – which we’ll talk about in the show.

So, we’re going to hear how he got started, how he creates his film and concert music, and we’re also going to chat about the amazing stories behind his two documentaries: Requiem for My Mother and Syndrome K.

It’s truly an honour to have had Stephen on the show.

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