Four time Emmy nominated composer and VP of the Alliance for Women Film Composers, Sharon Farber, joins me this week. We explore both her film music and concert music works, and Sharon so openly shares her advice for new composers.

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When I first mentioned my podcast in the PERSPECTIVE Facebook Group, I asked if anyone would be interested in featuring on the show. Then this message came through from Sharon Farber. I was absolutely stunned. Sharon is such an inspirational person and composer, with some absolutely unbelievable backstories to her compositions. As you’ll hear in the episode! I COULD list off her credits and accolades, but it would take so long that you’d get bored of listening to me!

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Sharon was so gracious with her time when I spoke with her. So much so that we ended up going over DOUBLE the amount of time that I usually aim for with these episodes! Honestly, I could have kept chatting with her all day. Plus, it was all such amazing stuff that I couldn’t bring myself to edit any of it out!

So, sit back and relax, because this week’s episode is a feature-length presentation! And it’s absolutely jam packed with inspirational stories, advice from the very best, and a look into how we can really make a difference for women in the film music industry.



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