Growing up in the south of France studying fine art and design before moving into music composition has given Mathieu Karsenti a really unique understanding of the relationship between music and visuals.

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Mathieu is another fine example of someone who has worked ultra hard to put himself in situations that could lead to more opportunities. As you listen in you’ll hear that it wasn’t some cleverly structured plan to get him to where he is now, he just looked at where the opportunities lay and did his best to make sure that he was a) in the same place and b) that he did a great job of whatever was expected of him.

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Also make sure you check out Mathieu’s website. I know a lot of you are always looking for ways to make your online presence stand out a bit, and Mathieu has what I think is a really great video on his “About” page that features him being interviewed during a session. A director seeing a video like that can really help them understand who you are as a composer, and not just what you do.

Mathieu’s Links:

“About” Page (with video) : http://www.mathieukarsenti.com/about

Showreel : http://www.mathieukarsenti.com/music-2

Credits : https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4230073/

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