This week Chris Presswell, film writer/director, shares his views on the relationship between director and composer.

Despite being musical, Chris ISN’T a music composer or producer, he’s a film writer and director. That’s what makes this week’s episode so exciting: we’re going to hear first hand how a director collaborates with a composer, and gives advice on what a composer will need to know to work as part of the post-production team.

Chris and I have worked together on quite a few projects over the years, and I thought it would be great to get a director’s perspective on the use of music in film, and also to find out about what a director is actually going through while the composer is coming up with a score.

Chris is a highly eclectic director, having created music videos (including an innovative 360 virtual reality one), trailers and ad spots with the likes of Warwick Davis and Elizabeth Olson, and short and feature length films. His work has been screened and won awards internationally, with red carpet premieres in both London and LA.

Chris’ company (Workbus): https://www.workbus.co.uk/

Chris’ website: https://www.chrispresswell.co.uk/

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